A new season is here, which brings new colors and styles. Fortunately for you, we have the inside scoop. The spring colors are bold and colorful. The good news is, if you want to rock these colors this spring season you don’t have to rush out and buy an entire new wardrobe. 

We have found the perfect thing to keep you in style year round. Many of these colors where just launched in Kameleon's popping new line of JewelPops. If you are lucky enough to already own your own Kameleon interchangeable jewelry you can purchase one or two of these dazzling new colors. If you don't have a piece of this stunning jewelry, there is good news for you too! There are new style's of rings, pendants, watches and more available now. Click here to view these new styles.

With our two different lines of interchangeable jewelry, you can keep your favorite style and just change out the colors. 

These spring colors are: 

Tangerine Tango  Honey Sizzle JewelPop The Good Life
Solar Power  Sunflower Sparkle JewelPop Put It On My Tab
Cabaret Very Cherry JewelPop I'm Blushing
Sodalite Blue Blue Lagoon JewelPop Once in a Blue Moon
Bellflower Sugar Plum JewelPop Secret Lush
Margarita Mermaid Delight JewelPop August Heat Wave
Sweet Lilac Fairies Delight JewelPop  Drama Queen
Cockatoo Topsy Turvy JewelPop Last Resort
Driftwood Reflected Waters JewelPop Fancy a Nightcap
Starfish Gold Mist JewelPop Knock on Wood